Bose IE2 in-ear headphones

Yes, I went ahead and bought them. Even though they’re pricey.

Bose ie2 headphonesThey do look a bit funny with the extra bit bolted on but don’t let the looks fool you. These things are actually comfortable. That is something for me to say because I hate stuff stuck in my ears.

Finding the easiest way to actually put them in took me a while as I lack knowledge on sticking stuff in my ears. It was even a bit of an odd feel to have these additional bits there but they keep the headphones in place and I very quickly didn’t feel them any more.

Then something odd happened: I didn’t like the sound. Bose has the name of producing good bass sound. There was hardly any. Mid range was okay, high tones was mostly okay, but bass was as absent as a shark in the average bowl with goldfish. That was weird because the foldable Sennheiser PX-100a that I own produce quite a good bass on my phone.

Good thing I have another phone. The Meizu MX-5 Ubuntu. Yes, it’s a phone that runs on Linux. I have some music on that and so I tried the IE2 on that. Wow. Difference? More than that. The world of music opened again. Clearly the headphones were not the problem but the phone was. I tried another music player. That worked a lot better so the problem had to be the player I usually use. It took me some wiggling and experimenting until I discovered a few well-hidden settings. Switched on enhanced clarity and enhanced bass.

I’m happy now. 🙂

Kill the initiative

Yes. Kill the initiative.

The CPNB (the society for promoting Dutch books) always brings out the “book week gift” each year. Here in the Netherlands we have a “book week”, specially promoting books and reading, and each person who buys a book then gets a small book for free. The “book week gift”.

People who buy an ebook get nothing. Now a man decided to bring out the alternative ebook week gift in this week.

The CPNB is going to take steps against this initiative because “he is stealing the name ‘book week gift'” and “it is bad that individuals try to make money of this”. The person who brings out the ebook week gift is giving it away, so how is he making money off this?

The CPNB states that they plan to bring out an ebook week gift themselves, but that they can’t get this done for 2011, because “this is a large and complex operation”. With the current state of automation and wizards for everything computer, I sort of fail to see the problem, but they probably know better.

The person who made the ebook week gift probably cheated. He offered the CPNB several times to do this together, but the CPNB never responded to that.