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I am not normal.

normal_people_scare_meI am not normal. And I’ll always do what I can to be not normal.


Consider what ‘normal’ is. Normal is what is considered the norm. The thing that most people do. That’s the norm. Many people these days don’t seem able to distinguish normal from civilised or humane or decent.

Is it normal to be afraid of the idiots that make up this ‘Islamic State’ (which has, in my opinion, very little to do with Islam and more with spreading fear and oppression)?

If you say, “yes, it’s normal to be scared of them“, then you are influenced by the media who focus on those folks. They instil the fear in you. And then you are normal.¬†Following the norm. Following the trend that allows others to control and – even worse – manipulate you.

Step out of that box. Do your own thinking. The chances of being killed by someone from IS are far less than being shot in an American school (now there’s something uplifting). Stepping outside the box is scary. For some people it’s impossible, because they don’t even know there is a box.


I won’t be normal. That doesn’t mean I’ll be a freak (although there’s nothing wrong with that once you’re outside the box). Remember there’s more than black and white. There are more than fifty shades of grey. Being different shouldn’t make you an oddball. Alas, the holy norm which decrees what’s normal will do just that. Don’t fit in? Then you need therapy! Like happened in Russia some decades ago. Like the US school system does these days. Like most of the manipulated, western world does.


Don’t try this at home


I don’t agree with this.

If something dangerous or downright stupid is done, we should not warn people to ‘not try this at home’. Let them try it. Let them remove themselves from the gene pool and create a fresh line-up for the Darwin awards.

Now don’t take that what I wrote too seriously. Just seriously enough. I’m convinced that the governmental institutions are creating a bunch of robots who do exactly what they decree. Most people have no idea any more that they can actually think for themselves. Wear a helmet on your bike. Oh, we need to buy helmets! Don’t eat salad. Oh, salads are bad for you! Give us all your money. Oh, we already have plenty of institutions for that.

Really, folks, take good care of your brain. It’s after all the little things that count.