About me

Who one really knows? I have tried all kinds of pagan paths. The one that suits me best is Druidry, but I'm not a real Druid. I'm mainly pagan. And Na'vi. It's what I like. Na'vi? What's Na'vi? Na'vi are the people that inhabit the moon called Pandora, which orbits the huge planet Polyphemus in the Alpha Centauri system. According to the film Avatar by James Cameron. Love the film, know the language, and would be one of the People.

Maybe you feel the desperate need to find me on more places of the Internet. Can't imagine why, but still, let's assume so. In that case you could try the following places:

And of course there's my author website at paulkater.com, which probably has a lot more serious and interesting content than this place.


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