About this great god

Yes. This is a little bit about that guy up there. The christian sky-wizard who does so many great things.

It hit me, a while ago, that someone was happy a close relative was healed from a serious medical affliction. The doctors had done quite an amazing job fixing that person up. For some reason, the someone said, "Thank god for your healing."

I don't get that. This man got sick and the doctors healed him. Through medical science, not by calling in the help of that great god.

Then I wondered about something else. If this god is so great, then where was he at the moment the patient got ill? If this god-character is so great, shouldn't he have been able to prevent this man from getting into that terrible fix, making his life hang from a thread? Apparently it's easier to wait for doctors to fix the problem and then get the praise. (Can I have a job like that?)

The christian sky-wizard is supposed to be a loving god (okay, he is also a vengeful god, which probably makes sense when you're inebriated or under the influence of too much frankincense. If someone is a combination of those two things it probably has a reason that someone gets sick and get healed by people. There's probably some tale that god worked through the hands of the doctors or something like that.

No. Those doctors spent years studying for this so they could save people's lives. Whenever I get sick I will try my luck with doctors, not with the sky-master. I'm sure my chances of survival are a LOT bigger that way.


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