Interview with Paul Frommer on KWGS, TULSA, OKLAHOMA here you can listen to an interview with Paul Frommer on USA radio, KWGS in Tulsa.

 Avatar as protest Time.com published a series of photos where people use the Avatar look to protest for things wrong with respect to the environment. Find the series here.

 Pandorapedia I discovered a new link for Avatar-related things yesterday. It is Pandorapedia.

 Na'vi for Klingons Now this is going multicultural: LearnNavi.org has subsection where native Klingon speakers can learn Na'vi. Eywa ngahu.

 Shirisaya On the Learnnavi forum I met a wonderful artist, Shirisaya, who is creating a very beautiful painting of a view on Pandora.

Click the picture to be taken to her Deviant Art website and look at a large version of her work.

Eywa ngahu.

A message to the world http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHLIpnpPvu4

 Thanator LOL!!

 Tsaheyluu Oe ngati kameieh, ma 'eylan.On LearnNavi.org I found this discussion, dealing with Tsaheylu (the power to connect to nature):Someone wrote:He described me using an ability called the seed of life, best described as a druidic ability that uses your own lifeforce to cause every living plant around you to explode in growth, at the same time It can potentially kill you.My response to that was:Hmm. Interesting that I should stumble across this. (Not, of course, things like that don't happen for nothing, coincidence comes from co-incide, happen at the same time, not 'by accident'.)I do the Druid studies to create the abilities to bring harmony back into the world. That is something one could see as Tsaheylu. I also learnt TM and the Sidhi programme, and that is a very powerful way to get a person in touch with the real world around us, the energy and the love (which for me is even more powerful Tsaheylu). I have never encountered a moment where this power could kill me. Maybe it depends on how well grounded you are when you this, though. Mentally unstable people are more prone to problems with this, but those people generally have a hard time making the connection.As it was said in the movie, Eywa keeps the balance. Eywa provides. It will do that for us as well. Our Mother will not let us destroy us willingly. As long as we have our ears open to listen to her. (Which unfortunately is something most people haven't.) Eywa ngahu.Kiyevame.

Paul Frommer


 Asda supermarket Found at News of the worldAsda people learn to speak Na'vi SUPERMARKET chiefs are living on another planet - they are teaching their staff Na'vi, the alien language from AVATAR.Workers in one Asda store will be wishing shoppers a warm kaltxi - er, welcome - tomorrow to celebrate the launch of the smash hit film on DVD.And branches around the country will have shop signs translated into Na'vi.But it could be a problem if you have an urgent need for the tutan (gents).Asda research has identified Pudsey, West Yorks, as the town with the most diehard Avatar fans.So the store there is being given a complete make-over to resemble the mythical world of Pandora.The store's customer services desk, café, toilets and greeting signs will all be given the Avatar treatment.There will also be blue face-painting for kids and free blue food to try.And the store has hinted that shoppers may spot a real life Avatar resembling Neytiri or Tsu'tey stacking shelves.Bosses wrote to the film's director, James Cameron, asking for guidance on the language to launch customer self services tills in Na'vi.They also sought his help to translate the retailer's slogan: "Saving You Money Everyday." Asda expects the Oscar- winning film to be this year's best-selling DVD after it took more than £1 billion at the box office.Spokesman Mike Logue said: "It's only right that we give our shoppers an Avatar adventure as they pick up their milk and bread too."Asda will be selling the DVD just £8. That's a siltsan price in any language.


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