Bought a DVD with a film...

Now this is nothing shocking, I tend to do that (or Blurays).

There's something annoying about buying films like that though, and I think it's mainly on DVDs although I might be mistaken. What's that?

Well, I pop in the disc and sit back for the film. First I see a message that the opinions in the film are not necessarily those of the film-makers. Fine, roll it.

Then I see a message that it's illegal to make copies of the disc. A message that stays on the screen for a considerable time, which is not necessary as I know this. That is why I bought the DVD in the first place.

Next is a tormenting 10 minutes of previews and trailers of two or three movies that I am not interested in, and there is no way to skip them. Good thing that fast forward works in these parts, so I only have to endure that for three minutes, after which the banner of the film-maker is shown. Wow. The opening screen starts, I can select to play the film. After only 6 or so minutes. The film starts - but not before I got to admire the same banner I saw just before.

It's a pain in the ass to do some things the legal way. Get it from the internet, press play and the film starts...


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