Camille and Kennerly. Harp Twins.

Yes, as you may have guessed, this post is about music. For me music is an important part of life. Without music (and my writing) life would not be life as I now know it, and much less valuable.

This post is about 2 ladies I discovered through the marvel called Internet. They are twins and they both play harp, and their names are Camille and Kennerly. Many people will perhaps stop reading here, but they won’t know what they miss.

Harp twins

Harp? Yes, harp. It’s a beautiful instrument. I never played it, but I have lots of harp music ranging from Händel’s harp concertos via Lisa Lynne Franco to – indeed – Camille and Kennerly, and how these two ladies make their harps sing is amazing. For example this song, Asleep, by the Smiths (tip: listen with proper headphones to get the most out of the music!):

Before you think that harp music is only for the slow, the sullen and the sleepy, have a taste of this: Don’t fear the reaper, from Blue Öyster Cult. (Sorry about the off-site link, for some strange reason this video won’t show here.)

This too can be done with harps. Disappointed that there are no screaming double-speed electric guitars? If so, remember that they play harp, not double-speed electric guitars.

harp twins

So, what is so special about these twins? First off, they’re twins who both share a passion for the same instrument. Not so common, I think. Next is that they are independent artists, not signed up with any big label, not sponsored by large amounts of money. They do everything themselves, which strikes a chord with me being an indie writer. Indies do everything themselves. Everything:

harp twins - harp transport
Harp transport. Hello dolly!

They even move their own harps into the most impossible places, and they arrange their own videos. And, as they told me on their Facebook page, they once shot a video in a field where they were almost consumed by mosquitoes. One cannot other than appreciate such dedication. As indie artists they are also very approachable via for instance Facebook, they like very much to interact with their fans. And they have plenty of those (but there’s always room for more).

For Game of Thrones fans (count me in), they did a wonderful rendition of the title tune!

If you want to learn more about the Harp Twins, you can visit their website at, or their Youtube channel. Their music is available through itunes and CDBaby.

All photos used with permission of the Harp Twins. Thank you for that, ladies!

3 thoughts on “Camille and Kennerly. Harp Twins.”

  1. Excellent article, Paul! I just wanted to add a few things. When they made their Skyrim video, they were also attacked by vicious mosquitoes as they were filming, but that’s just how tough and professional they are, plus they took serious risks by playing their harps on those crumbling stone stairs to further delight us! And you would think that with such musical talent and physical beauty they would have serious deficiencies in other areas, but they do not; instead, it turns out that they were excellent at sports (plus they are third-degree Tae Kwon Do black belts), they were top math students (even competed at statewide math events), their writing skills are equally exceptional (both of them wrote essays that their former college has kept permanently because of their outstanding quality), and the list really never ends. Finally, their inner beauty surpasses their physical beauty, if that is possible! Oh, and they have a brilliant sense of humor!

    1. Hello Steven, you clearly know them a lot better than I do. Thank you for filling in all these bits of knowledge, it’s wonderful to know these things.

  2. You have written an excellent blog Paul so well done to you. Camille and Kennerly possess great powers to change one’s life in so many ways, they really are the best!

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