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Go Vegan

Yes, I think more people (okay, all people) should become vegans.

If, for some reason, “you can’t” be vegan, at least eat fewer animals to start with, to lessen the suffering.

That being said, let’s try the start of a story about aliens.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Brugorians. Not that this is already clear in these few words…

We are from Brugor.

Space with spaceships

Chapter 1.

John pushed his plate away. That T-bone steak had been too much, he’d barely gotten through half of it. He belched, and through that noise he almost missed the sound from his phone. “What…” People messaged him at the weirdest times.

“Hey, John. Bit off more than you could chew?” The waitress pointed at the half-eaten dinner. “Want something else?”

“No, I’m full as it is,” John said, unlocking his phone. “Make someone happy with what’s left, Connie.”

Connie laughed as she picked up the plate. “The dump loves it,” she said as she walked off.

John stared at his phone. Could this be real? He dialed a number.

“John. I knew you’d call,” a voice on the other side said.

“You’re not screwing me out of dinner, are you?” John knew they wouldn’t, but it didn’t hurt to ask.

“No way. If you can, get your butt over here, buddy.” Gary, John’s co-worker at the observatory, sounded serious. “You’ll be as stunned as we are.”

“Connie, put it on my tab!” John got up, grabbed his jacket and ran to the exit of the diner. His car was close, and the pebbles on the parking lot flew as he drove off as fast as he could.


John ran into the control room. “Show me,” was all he said, even though it wasn’t necessary. The main display, a thirty-foot affair on the wall, showed what Gary had already sent him as a picture. A true to life spaceship, hanging between Earth and the moon. “I’ll be damned by every saint…” John stared at the image. “Since when? Where are they from? Any contact? Emergency protocols?”

Gary told him that the military and the president had been alerted and they all were on alert. “And there are several others,” he knew. “Four in total, spread across the globe.”

“And no panic yet,” John said. “There was nothing on the radio, on the way over here.”

“For now,” Barbara said, who was on duty as well. “It’s a matter of time before some amateur starts shouting it all over the social media.” As soon as she’d said that, a few phones started beeping, notifying their users that some keywords had been picked up. “Told you so. Did someone just bet twenty dollars with me?”

They checked their phones and weren’t surprised to find messages about the spaceships streaming in.

“Right. We’ll just wait for what’s next. Either from high up, or from out there.”

Interesting article on air travel today

Yep, I read an interesting article. It asked why aeroplane flights (which are quite polluting) were so cheap compared to train travel which takes long and is definitely expensive.

They compared a flight from Amsterdam to Prague for €40 to a train journey of 11 hours, costing €180. (This can be reduced to €100 but that is still 2.5 times the price of a plane ticket.)

To make a change, trains should become MUCH faster. It’s possible (TGV from France, Japan’s Bullet Train, and several high speed trains in China prove this) but for some reason there is no incentive to invest in trains. It is apparently better to fly or drive a car (despite all the traffic jams), because both these give options to ask more and more money from the passengers and drivers.

I know. I once had a temp job that made me sit in the car 4 to 5 hours each day. Doing that by train would have me travel 8 to 10 hours a day. That is a pretty bleak comparison, isn’t it?

I’m afraid it will take a long time before politicians, who should have the power and also the wisdom to see benefits to faster trains, have the stamina to do something about this. Until they stop being governed by big companies, we’re in a dark spot which is getting polluted more and more…

We’re not going to space anytime soon.

Image result for spaceship

You may think I’m crazy for saying that, because the USA sends things into space. Japan sends things into space. Russia, China and India are doing the same thing. Europe is also in the game. So why aren’t we going to space soon?

Because of exactly that. Each country does the same thing, invents the same thing, spends time and resources on the same thing.

What a friggin’ waste!

Imagine what progress could be made if all those countries put their clever minds and resources together, instead of inventing the same wheel in a dozen places.

It would also cost a lot less. Yes, that stupid invention called ‘money’ rears its ugly head again, and in a big way. Space-going isn’t cheap, and more and more companies want to get rich because of it. Which again is another drawback. Profits hold back progress.

A quick trip around the moon is only possible for the very wealthy (hi, money!), so we (as in the ordinary people) won’t go to space anytime soon. I can only hope that the united clever people of planet earth will show their clever bits and get together in a joint effort to make this happen. There’s a whole universe out there, and we’re not making any use of it.

Creating the impatient consumer

I’m sure you’ve all noticed how people want to have things faster and faster.

You go on the Internet, hit your favourite outlet website, you click buy, and by the time the confirmation mail has reached you, you want it in your hand.

Companies are catering to that. Amazon, for instance, is using drones to get stuff to the eager customer as soon as possible. After couriers for same day delivery, they now aim for same hour delivery.

I think this what (in part) is to blame for the increasing impatience of people: “I want it all and I want it now.” Especially the ‘now’.

The weird thing is that opportunities to ‘have it now’ still exist. Fewer and fewer, I know, as they are remnants of the pre-Internet era. They are called brick-and-mortar shops. You go there, pick from a shelf what you want, you pay for it, and… whoa… you have it. Now.

That’s probably a wild idea, because this isn’t in line with the ease of the Internet, where people don’t have to get up and go somewhere. Which is perhaps part of the obesity problem the ‘civilised’ world faces in many places. Why move if you can go online and order a pill that helps you get thinner.

Which you want now, of course.

The health and beauty industry thinks you’re all ugly.

Yes. All of you. Ugly. Unworthy. The health and beauty industry is probably amazed that you have the nerve to show yourselves in broad daylight.

male supermodelBoys, you really need to look like this. Otherwise you are NOT allowed to play. It’s not hard, you know. This is just a country boy sucking in his tummy a bit, nothing big.

supermodelAnd you, lady, why don’t you look like this plain, average girl on the right?

The health and beauty industry keeps telling you to shape up a little, invest a bit more in your looks, because you have to be young forever.


You have to!

And do you know how many people believe that? How many people chase those impossible goals? Too many. Even if there are only two, that’s too many. People are people in normal-people-shapes, not in the idiotic, thin, muscular, 19-year old, malnourished bodies that are digitally modified to look even more fake.

Please, stop chasing those crazy dreams. You can’t win. As soon as enough people come close to the beauty model, the health and beauty industry will change the goal and make you run the other way.

They don’t care about you. They care about your money, and they don’t give a shit about how many lives they destroy. Of course not many people will admit that, but I am convinced that the people who push others over the edge in their attempts to achieve the impossible are murderers.

And about the adjustments: have a look here.


Here is an example how a supermodel looks without and with make-up and ‘adjustments’.

Not convinced? Look here:

Now be honest. Can you win from Photoshop?

Nope. Forget it. So forget that stupid race to become what no one is. Not even the supermodels…