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Two years

It’s amazing but true. Two years ago I published my first little book, about a wicked witch called Grimhilda. Hilda for friends. When I pressed that “publish” button for the first time, little did I know…

What followed was a small avalanche of books (at least that is how it seems to me). More Hilda books, and people kept downloading them. I brought out a few books in a different genre too, but Hilda apparently is everyone’s darling. Not bad for a wicked witch. I started an author facebook page to have a way to interact with fans of my written heroes and heroines, which was a good idea. I met very nice people!

A very nice and also surprising milestone was the invitation to join the Alexandria Publishing Group, a collective of independent writers who stand for books that are good in every way. Not just the story, but also the grammar, spelling, etcetera. Quality all through the work.

I am grateful to Sharon and Jean, who made Hilda happen, and Arlene for nearly getting on my nerves to publish that first booklet of Hilda. Without them, this all would not have happened. Thank you, Carol, who patiently looks for all the mistakes I hide in the texts, and of course, I am grateful to the fans of Hilda, William, Babs and Lily (and all the others), for downloading and buying my books. Without them, this would never have taken off the way it has!

Two years. Amazing. How will things look two years from now…

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Isn’t this just entirely and horribly sad? People go to the premier showing of a new Batman film and as they go, they are shot to death by a masked gunman.

What is wrong with the world? What makes people go through something insane that they start doing something like going into a cinema, throw gas grenades and then start killing people at random?

It is a very worrying thing. The killing of people in the street or their home is presently a thing of the day, even here in the Netherlands. How many people are genuinely shocked when they read about it? Are you? Or do you simply shrug and move on?

I think it is horrible, disgusting. It saddens me.

Some kind of update

I am here.
I’ve been busy. Far too busy of course, so busy that when I had a very relaxed last weekend, I had trouble sleeping overnight and felt miserable on Monday. Not going to do that again soon!

He’s doing okay, but he is getting more and more confused all the time. On Monday afternoon he called me with all kinds of problems and worries and such, and talked about things that (I think) were a mix of something on a paper he either received or found, something that was on his computer screen and something I still have not figured out.
It’s all fine now, though, so that’s a relief.

4-day marches
Yup, they are here again. 41.400 people walking 30, 40 or 50 km a day for 4 days. Amazing. Too bad they have crap weather. They walked in the heavy rain yesterday. Today actually was mostly dry, good for them.

What’s that again?