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A new toy for the theremin

What? A new toy for the theremin? Why is that?

Zoom A1 Four
Zoom A1 Four

When I made the “Bridge over troubled water” recording, I noticed that there were a few sounds and effects I wanted to add that weren’t there.

The synth-box by E-Harmonix wasn’t up to the task so I asked around and I found this. The Zoom A1 Four. It’s nifty!

Someone suggested an alternative, the Korg Pandora Stomp box, but that wasn’t available anywhere.

Okay, except on Ebay. That Korg being a model on the way out, I didn’t feel like pursuing that, so the Zoom came in.

It is, as I said, nifty. It has lots of settings and effects. Some seem to be quite equal to each other, especially the guitar ones, but they all have their own, distinct sound, also on the Theremin.

I’ve tried to make a bit of a video to demonstrate the options and sounds of the Zoom A1 but that didn’t work very well. I’ll get back to that when I’ve figure out the device more, and I actually know what I’m doing. 😉

Bridge over troubled water. On 2 theremins.

I had to do it. It took a long time before I got it right, then I had to work hard on getting the OpenTheremin to cooperate, but it happened in the end.

It’s not perfect, but I’m satisfied with this first attempt to do a mix with 2 different theremins.

For this video I used my Moog Etherwave Standard, and the OpenTheremin v4. I also used the karaoke track for the music as found on Youtube.

The audio was mixed using Audacity and the video was created with KDEnlive on Linux.

New song, new theremin

A little while ago I bought another theremin. This time an OpenTheremin V4.

What is an OpenTheremin? It’s a very simple, no frills, yet quite versatile little (and affordable) theremin that you can either put together yourself, or (as I did) buy the Deluxe version that comes pre-assembled.

You can find more info on the OpenTheremin at GaudiShop.

Playing the OpenTheremin is world apart from the Etherwave, but once you figure it out (and you put the antennas on the right way!), it’s very interesting and even intriguing to play.

Here is Annie’s Song, on the OpenTheremin.