Did you see that?


Television. Don't we all know it? Of course. We grew up with it (at least the people of my generation and later, which makes for a lot of people). Still it's hard for many folks to understand that I don't watch television. I tell them, they nod, and they don't get it. I don't watch television. I do watch some episodes of a few series that I find online, I watch DVDs and Blurays, but not television. I disconnected the television receiver long time ago and I put away in a plastic bag so it won't get dusty, but why would I have such a thing connected and in the room and using up a few watts of electricity when I don't use it?

I haven't watched television in over 8 years, and my time in front of the tube was quite limited before that. And no, I'm not bored. I have lots of things to do, like read, listen to music, make music, and write books.

But how do you get your news, that important life line of information where they tell you every hour on the hour how many people died, where the wars are, how many people got fired, how sad the economy's doing and how Wall Street and the Han Seng Index are doing? For that I have some RSS feeds. I'll read that when I feel like it.

And how do you hear about new products and how great they are and where you can buy them, because did you see that latest Coca Cola ad that was so great, or the ad on TV for the new Mercedes/Audi/Volkswagen? Uhm, actually I don't. I don't drink soft drinks anyway, and I don't like Mercedes. I don't see all those wonderful things that you must have in order to be happy, and so I am happy without them.

But all the great series on TV? And all the great films/movies? And all the sports? Yes, I don't know them. I'll read about that online. When and if I want to. Sport? Something I rather do than watch. Series? Most of what I watch (we're talking about 3 series at the moment) isn't broadcast here or happens at a time I don't want to watch. I refuse to be told by a broadcasting company that I have to sit on the couch at 9pm because then they will show what I want to see. I'll buy the DVD. Or for Game of Thrones the Blurays. I'm also going to bed before their broadcast is over.

Did you see that? No. I didn't. Because I don't watch television.


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