One thought on “I have no idea…”

  1. Okay,to be fair, I am not a pagan. I feel there are aspects of being human that would lead to that conclusion. I am more of bag of water that can be ambulated to and fro to find food and reproduce at a higher levels. I bump into some good ideas and try to use the brains I have at the moment- to use them to get more food and reproduce some more. Life is pretty simple at my level. That makes me happy. I am one of those who would rather be left to my life to sort it out as best as I can. Don’t like the desk jockey or the law givers trying to live off the little food I have found. But, these hangers on are leaches that are hard to shake. So, I deal with it. But mostly, I am like the smiling woman in front of the machine, I am putting on my game face and doing the best that I can-even though; I have no idea what I am doing.

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