Meditation. 5. Choice.

Yoga in the forest

What meditation technique fits you? Are you someone who can sit still and blank your mind the way Zen practitioners do?

Are you looking for answers and therefore seeking a meditation that can get you to them, like a guided meditation or pathworking?

Do you want to ease the mess in your head and find some peace, like is done with Autogenic Training and Transcendental Meditation?

Important questions. But also consider if you want to meditate alone or in a group. If you want to do Zen with 50 others and you're the only one in town, your practice might become expensive if you have to travel to a large group every time, provided there is one. Expensive or even impossible. That's why it is important not only to consider what form you want to practice, but also if it's possible to do it.


After all, meditation is a great way to detach from the outside world for a while, but we have to move within that outside world, as that is the realm in which we live our lives.


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