Go Vegan

Yes, I think more people (okay, all people) should become vegans.

If, for some reason, “you can’t” be vegan, at least eat fewer animals to start with, to lessen the suffering.

That being said, let’s try the start of a story about aliens.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Brugorians. Not that this is already clear in these few words…

We are from Brugor.

Space with spaceships

Chapter 1.

John pushed his plate away. That T-bone steak had been too much, he’d barely gotten through half of it. He belched, and through that noise he almost missed the sound from his phone. “What…” People messaged him at the weirdest times.

“Hey, John. Bit off more than you could chew?” The waitress pointed at the half-eaten dinner. “Want something else?”

“No, I’m full as it is,” John said, unlocking his phone. “Make someone happy with what’s left, Connie.”

Connie laughed as she picked up the plate. “The dump loves it,” she said as she walked off.

John stared at his phone. Could this be real? He dialed a number.

“John. I knew you’d call,” a voice on the other side said.

“You’re not screwing me out of dinner, are you?” John knew they wouldn’t, but it didn’t hurt to ask.

“No way. If you can, get your butt over here, buddy.” Gary, John’s co-worker at the observatory, sounded serious. “You’ll be as stunned as we are.”

“Connie, put it on my tab!” John got up, grabbed his jacket and ran to the exit of the diner. His car was close, and the pebbles on the parking lot flew as he drove off as fast as he could.


John ran into the control room. “Show me,” was all he said, even though it wasn’t necessary. The main display, a thirty-foot affair on the wall, showed what Gary had already sent him as a picture. A true to life spaceship, hanging between Earth and the moon. “I’ll be damned by every saint…” John stared at the image. “Since when? Where are they from? Any contact? Emergency protocols?”

Gary told him that the military and the president had been alerted and they all were on alert. “And there are several others,” he knew. “Four in total, spread across the globe.”

“And no panic yet,” John said. “There was nothing on the radio, on the way over here.”

“For now,” Barbara said, who was on duty as well. “It’s a matter of time before some amateur starts shouting it all over the social media.” As soon as she’d said that, a few phones started beeping, notifying their users that some keywords had been picked up. “Told you so. Did someone just bet twenty dollars with me?”

They checked their phones and weren’t surprised to find messages about the spaceships streaming in.

“Right. We’ll just wait for what’s next. Either from high up, or from out there.”

World Wide Companies?

Big companies perhaps, Apple and Amazon. But not world wide.

If you buy a gift card from either of those companies, beware. Make sure you go to the webstore of the country of that company in which the recipient lives and/or wants to spend that gift card, or things are screwy.

I had this with a gift card I bought for my girlfriend. From apple. For apple TV.

Note that I know little to nothing about the apple way of life and things. Just that everyone tells me how easy it is. So I got her the gift card. And it only works for AMERICA. And she has a Dutch Apple ID thing. Isn’t that grand? So now she has an amount on her apple id for apple things but she can’t use it for apple things because it’s from the wrong country.

This is why I don’t believe apple, and also amazon who have the same crippled way of dealing with gift cards, are world wide companies. They are big, for sure, but they are still tied to regions and stuff, and if you make a mistake, like I did, because you don’t know how they work, you’re royally screwed.

I’m sure there are more examples of companies with that same kind of rigid ‘world wide’ attitude.

Thank the heavens I don’t own any apple products.

Theremin. Synth. Loops.

Yes, I’m still using the theremin, just about daily.

I’m adding features. I bought an Electro-Harmonix synthesizer machine and I ordered a Roland BOSS RC-30 looping station.

Demo of the synth. I had no idea what I was doing.

Today I discovered that less is more. In the video above I had the synth sound prevail in most cases. Toning that down, making the theremin the ‘lead sound’ was a much better approach. Live and learn.

Boss RC-30 looping station

I don’t have the machine here yet, that will take a few more days. I’ve just read the manual and had a look/listen at the options online.

It’s crazy though.

More about this when there is more. 🙂

What’s that colour?

Being colour blind (or colour challenged as some people prefer to call it) has its benefits.

It also has some drawbacks.

I have a little bag in my car that sucks up moisture, and the instructions say:

When the blue dot turns pink, put the bag in the microwave for 6 minutes.

Yes. Great. Blue. Pink. What?

Light blue and pink?

Apparently there is light blue and pink in the image up here. Ehm. Right. Beats me, and praise to you if you can see it. For me, it’s something blueish and something white/lightish.

So how do I tell if the blue dot turned pink? Tech to the rescue, because yes, there is an (Android) app for that! Meet Color Grab:

This is a screenshot from Color Grab. Point the camera at something, and the colour inside the little (green? yellow?) circle shows at the top of the screen. Outstanding. This is what I need.

I used the app on the dot that’s on the moisture sucker and it’s still ‘faint blue’, so I’m fine. No waving needed, not even micro waving.

Color Grab logo

Color Grab is available on the Google Play Store. And it’s free.

If you’re a dedicated Apple/Ios/iPhone user in need of such tech, you’ll probably be able to locate something similar to Color Grab for your device.