Pictures from along the road

Early February 2014, and gorgeous weather, and no work to go to. A reason to grab the camera, the bike and a good coat (sunshine but +5C / 38F).
After a bike ride along this path I reached a small creek/brook called “Lage Raam”

This is the Lage Raam. Translated it’s nonsense: low window. The creek is a typical low land creek, that’s why there is ‘low’ in its name.

Onwards towards this little place which is a part of a village called Haps, which in turn is part of Cuijk.

I walked along this trail. It was very soggy. I left the bike at the ‘road’ which was hardly more than a sandy path with pebbles.

This image made the soggy walk worth it.

Reflections by a bit of water. I saw this on the way back to the bike, and I see my bike in this image.

This road
This road is called Graafsedijk. It’s long. It’s about 6 miles long. In a car it might not be too much, but riding it on a bike, and running along it as I sometimes do, it is very long. The scenery hardly changes, you barely see where you’re going…

Other end of this road
…so the bloody thing doesn’t seem to end. It’s a good training in mental stability. This picture is the other side of where I stood, you can tell because of the shadows on the road.

It was a great trip out on the bike.

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