Prayer in the Schools

Someone sent a poem to me, A satire on how prayer is "free"- At least it should be free in schools Like things that really break the "rules" Things like hair dye, pregnancy, And other facts we hate to see In kids who should do what elders say, And first on that list would be to pray. I'm now an elder, yet every day, I am denied my right to pray By those who sent this biased poem. It seems that, when outside my home, I still must hide my faith's proud sign, Lest those who fear would try to find A way to terrorize my child With tales of "demons" and the wild Myths of hell we don't believe. I hide my faith; I must deceive Those "faithful" who cannot believe That others of an able mind In other faiths can solace find. Am I a Buddhist or a Hindu? Am I a Wiccan or a Jew? I do some act they cannot stand- Do I wear rings upon my hand With pentacle or 6-point star? Is there a Buddha in my car? Do I observe the Ramadan? Or dance with coven, hand in hand, On New Moon night, ablaze with star? They say that we have gone too far By taking prayer out of the schools. I agree! Let's change the rules! Let's have ALL kids allowed to pray In their own faith's most honored way. Let's punish those who can't allow When kids towards Mecca make their bow; Let's post the Wiccan Rede beside Commandments others must abide. Let's honor ALL the faiths we share; Let's penalize those who think that "prayer" Can follow only their thin rules. Or let's still keep prayer out of schools, So that my children, who don't "pray" like theirs Will not be tortured for their prayers.


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