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I love being a nitpicker once in a while. It can happen with anything, and yesterday it happened with a song. This is the second song in a short time that made me laugh as there is something in the lyrics that’s just wrong.

Let me start with the first one, a Dutch song. I’ll spare you the whole thing, it’s a song about coffee and how wonderful it is to start the day one. Nothing wrong with that, but one line is as follows: ” I run on it as if it is petrol.”
Suddenly I had this vision of someone drinking a cup of car fuel, and I wondered how well he’d run on that.That was the first one, it hit me about 3 weeks ago.

The other one occurred to me yesterday on the way home. It’s in “Godzilla” by Blue Öyster Cult.


The song is about the monster Godzilla that rampages Tokyo. The line that made me laugh and shake my head was:
“They scream for God as he looks in on them.”
Now, this film plays in Japan, where the main religions are Shinto and Buddhism. Buddhism has no god, Shintoism has a number of them, named the Kami, so Shinto is a multitheistic religion. I suddenly wondered: “which god would the people scream for when facing the danger of Godzilla?” Probably the christian one, as the song is written by an American person. And the main religion in the US of A is, bingo, christianity.

I know, I probably take this too far, but I couldn’t help myself laughing over it. My joys are many, and for many people difficult to follow.

Romney style

Dear Mr. Romney.

You are probably devastated that you did not become president of the United States. I know there are many people who mourn this with you, so you won’t be alone. Do cheer up. If all else fails, maybe a few rides in your car-elevator can lift your spirits.

Do you now really leave US politics as you said you would? Or will you change your mind about that? People won’t be surprised when you come back of course, you changed your mind on abortion, rape, taxes, job creation and a number of other issues too.

If you do not return into politics, do not despair. There is a brave new world waiting for you out there. I would suggest learning Mandarin, as most Chinese speak that.



First good thing:

Since long I participate on www.care2.org and yesterday I had accumulated enough butterflies (points) to do some good things. And a few minutes after that, this appeared!


Next good: Nanowrimo is coming. Only a few more days and the madness takes off again.
Since a few weeks it feels as if there is a brake on my writing other stories. In a way as if I am holding back the writing power for when the Nano-storm hits. And I have heard this from other people. Interesting, as I don’t recall that happening in previous years.


More good: Dad is doing pretty much well. He sometimes is confused, and yes he is deteriorating, but not very fast.
This afternoon I am going out with 3 friends to a wine tasting and then dinner, tomorrow I’m going to see Dad again.


Good stuff: winter is coming.

Okay, that means cold and frost and window scraping again, but I might as well consider it a good thing. Being grumpy gets me wrinkles and I don’t like those. I also like the changing of the seasons


Samhain is around the corner. Something tells me this will be a difficult one. It’s been running around my brain for weeks already, and that’s odd as I am not a fanatic pagan fest-performing ritual-junkie. We’ll see how things turn out.


Abney Park is coming to the Netherlands next year February and I have a ticket! 😀


I was out last Monday afternoon, having an ‘accidental’ afternoon off, and the picturesque results are available on my SmugMug. It was the warmest 22nd of October ever recorded here, so I was very lucky.

Have a great weekend everyone!

The need for speed.

How did the world turn into such a race track? And before you think I speak riddles: I mean motorways, freeways, Autobahn. Fill in the name depending on where you are.

If you have a car, how fast do you drive? And why do you drive it at that speed? Do you stick to the speed limit because faster is an offence? Do you go over the speed limit because it is a thrill? Or because you will be on time if you do? Or do you drive a lot slower?

I drive slowly. My speed on the motorway usually averages that of trucks. 80 to 85km/hour, about 55 or so mph. Is that slow? Sure, why not? People told me that there’s no fun in driving that slowly. It takes so long to get somewhere, all others are overtaking you, yadda yadda yadda.

Yesterday I did an experiment. I drove 120km/hour, about 78mph. Guess what? All but 2 cars overtook me. Right, that takes care of the argument that others overtake me, they do so anyway because they like to race like madmen, and of course madwomen. Well, with regular petrol only costing €1.82 per litre (think around $8.50 a gallon), what’s against that, right? It’s a cheap enough drive then.

My car is an eco-car. A Toyota Auris Full Hybrid. When I drive it the way I do now, I get almost 25km to the litre, about 60 miles per gallon. Works for me. The time I spend is my own, no one else’s, so that works for me too. And I get to see a lot more because I don’t race around like a fool, pushing to be in the rat race, going faster to do more, to be there in time, to do what the big lugs of the global economy expect everyone to do.

The world is going faster and faster, as if there is no tomorrow (there probably isn’t anyway, but that’s a different subject). Time flies, everyone complains about it, and money seems to fly along with it. (Well, pushing the accelerator will make that happen through the tiny vortex you create in your car’s fuel reserve.)

I’ll continue to take things easy. Time to hurry comes when there is a reason to, not because the rest of the world prescribes it. I’ll drive at my slow speed, see the trees and the cows, and the occasional sparrow-hawk or buzzard that sometimes sit on perches and signs along the road.

Two years

It’s amazing but true. Two years ago I published my first little book, about a wicked witch called Grimhilda. Hilda for friends. When I pressed that “publish” button for the first time, little did I know…

What followed was a small avalanche of books (at least that is how it seems to me). More Hilda books, and people kept downloading them. I brought out a few books in a different genre too, but Hilda apparently is everyone’s darling. Not bad for a wicked witch. I started an author facebook page to have a way to interact with fans of my written heroes and heroines, which was a good idea. I met very nice people!

A very nice and also surprising milestone was the invitation to join the Alexandria Publishing Group, a collective of independent writers who stand for books that are good in every way. Not just the story, but also the grammar, spelling, etcetera. Quality all through the work.

I am grateful to Sharon and Jean, who made Hilda happen, and Arlene for nearly getting on my nerves to publish that first booklet of Hilda. Without them, this all would not have happened. Thank you, Carol, who patiently looks for all the mistakes I hide in the texts, and of course, I am grateful to the fans of Hilda, William, Babs and Lily (and all the others), for downloading and buying my books. Without them, this would never have taken off the way it has!

Two years. Amazing. How will things look two years from now…

(Post originated on paulkater.com)