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One world religion

Image courtesy of wikimedia.org

This thing from the current pope had the world in shock for a while. Lately you don’t hear much about it any more though. It even had the Vatican in shock (and perhaps still has).

What many people perceive as the new Crusades to make the entire world become Catholic doesn’t seem to be more than a “repositioning” of that faith so it’s more modern. Will this pope succeed? Who knows.

“Some in the Roman Curia” — the Vatican bureaucracy — “say, well, this pope is old so let’s wait a bit, and things will return to the way they were,” said the Rev. Humberto Miguel Yanez, a Argentine Jesuit. (source)

I doubt that ‘the world’ will have to worry immediately. There are many people on this earth, and many of them aren’t Catholic. That’s a healthy thing. Anyone worth their salt should be able to resist the ‘lure’ of Catholicism. I don’t believe the Catholics will start a full-scale war on other religions – there would be too much opposition.

Still, knowing the history of Catholicism, it’s good to keep a watchful eye. Its history is quite filled with bloodshed and torture in the name of their loving god. The power that they hold is something to be aware of, as in January the pope had 178 diplomats from all over the world in his humble abode in the Vatican. Among whom several people who can’t see eye to eye in the halls of the United Nations. (source)

US ambassador AND Iranian ambassador at the same papal party.

The pope resigns today

I read about that. He’s not strong enough to do the job any more it seems, or so they say.

Perhaps the Vatican thinks it’s time for someone new, to make new paths and invoke new ideas. I doubt they’ll be working on a more open-minded version with the new pope. They’ve been stubborn in their beliefs for a long time, there’s not much reason (for them) to change that now.

He’s not the first pope to quit, in 1294 a pope also thought it time to hand over the hat.

Curious what the next one will be like. I’m not holding my breath that it’s going to be a dramatic change. Like a black man, or a woman. Or (gasp) a black woman…

It will also be interesting to see how the catholic church will continue to survive, I read that there won’t be an interim pope until the end of Paparazzi’s official term. Maybe they’ll discover that they don’t need a pope after all?

The Christian Pope

Warning. Don’t read if you love the Pope. Or like him.

On second thought, perhaps then you should read this.

In his ‘Message for the celebration of the day of World Peace 2013‘ the Pope says:

1. EACH NEW YEAR brings the expectation of a better world. In light of this, I ask God, the Father of humanity, to grant us concord and peace, so that the aspirations of all for a happy and prosperous life may be achieved.

Nice. I fully agree with this request. Especially the “aspirations of all” part. For some reason I think that the writer of this piece missed something fundamental in the convictions of his holiness the Pope. Take gay people, who are not fully developed humans. Or gay marriage, which is a threat to humanity. I assume all the gay people fall outside this ‘of all’ idea. And the folks who want to use contraceptive to improve health and for AIDS-prevention, for example in Africa? Are they exempt of ‘all’ too?

Another quote from his message:

peace presupposes a humanism open to transcendence.

The Christian church (the Pope?) should start practising this transcendence too. Get over the ideas of undeveloped people, threats to the world, and eradicating contraceptives for health reasons. Get up to speed with the world, don’t try to revert to the dark ages. There are enough people trying to do that without religion as their weapon.

Christianity is not a bad thing, on the contrary. Its basis is to be good for others. Like the basis of the Quran is, and all the other holy books that go around. It’s the interpreters of the words, the manipulators of texts and minds that are the wrong things.