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We need more people to do less.

Have you noticed how screwed up the world is with its work ideas? More people have to work more and longer to get everything done, yet we’re implementing more and more machines to do the work for us.
Somehow this seems to be perfectly acceptable, especially when you consider the large number of unemployed people that still walk and sit around everywhere.

There is something very wrong with this mental image.

Your work. Your ball and chain.

As I thought last week:

It’s so dumb that you select an area of work and you’re basically stuck with in, in the modern structure of things. When you have no idea yet of the real world and real life, you’re┬áto make choices that will rivet you to your future. You like numbers? Be an accountant or so. You like computers? Be a programmer. You like colours? Be a painter.


Of course you know me, you understand that I’m painting this a bit black and white – to make the impact a bit larger than life. Still, it’s true. You set your sails for graphics design and you’ll probably design graphics for the rest of your life, unless the market for that is so overfed / full / desperately unwanted that you have no choice but to learn something else.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few moments in your life where you have the opportunity to consider where you are and where you want to go from there? Instead of what we have now; a world where the options to change are so limited, considering that work = money = life.