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Plastic. Do you use it? Do you like it? Nature doesn’t.

Plastic. The most wonderful invention of all, or so it seems. It’s everywhere, and the more we have, the better it is. For instance in supermarkets, where you see something, wrapped in plastic. Before you buy it, it may be wrapped in more plastic, after which you get a plastic bag to take it home in. And water. That comes in plastic too. Naturally, because plastic is natural. Isn’t it? Even our plastic comes wrapped in plastic:

It’s really amazing what we can do with plastic.

Like decorate the turtles in our oceans!

Isn’t that cute? 😀 And the fact that only about 100,000 marine animals die every year because of our fabulous plastic isn’t something that should put us off using it. And this is not new, because here’s a post from 2008 that already addresses the problem. Sorry, I mean the issue.

But plastic is everywhere! We can’t escape it! Are you certain? I’m avoiding plastic like the plague. Indeed, sometimes you can’t escape it, but you can refuse additional plastic wrapping around plastic wrapping. You can refuse plastic bags (why not buy a nice, colourful shopping bag?) Get some cotton bags (make them or ask someone to make them) and get your bread in those instead of plastic and keep your bread in a decent bread box. No, that’s not silly, that’s how our ancestors did it too, before plastic existed. Give it some thought and see how much you can do to avoid plastic. At first you may get strange looks, but after a while people will understand, and even appreciate it. And copy your behaviour.

 Abolish plastic as much as you can.

Thinking war machines.

On Slashdot I found this article:

Fear of Thinking War Machines May Push U.S. To Exascale

Thinking War Machines. As if war with humans who don’t think isn’t bad enough.

“Unlike China and Europe, the U.S. has yet to adopt and fund an exascale development program, and concerns about what that means to U.S. security are growing darker and more dire. If the U.S. falls behind in HPC, the consequences will be ‘in a word, devastating,’ Selmer Bringsford, chair of the Department. of Cognitive Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, said at a U.S. House forum this week.

I’m not quoting more of this crap, if you want the entire article just follow the above link.

‘Devastating.’ Really. Without it you’re already dead, huh? Oh, wait, you’re still alive? That’s so wrong…

Why is there a part of humanity so dead set on self-extinction? Sounds like a good step up after we eliminated all animal species?

Instead of eradicating hunger and poverty (which will cost only a fraction of what’s spent on your average war), there is the “need” for meaner and fiercer war iron. Even if that’s not used at all, which then gets replaced by something even worse.

Honestly, people. I don’t grok this.

Fancy a new terminator yet?

Cost of war versus healthcare. (USA)
War versus hunger. (National Catholic Reporter)
War and Poverty. (Academia.edu)

Whales and harpoons

Are Some Whales More Valuable Than Others?


When nature is the enemy, the world rallies to save the whales from being trapped in ice or stranded on the beach. I am happy that people are so compassionate and so eager to lend their help. I am happy that the media covers the plight of the whales, like the orcas trapped in the ice in Canada or pilot whales stranded on the beach in New Zealand or a lost whale that wanders up the Thames River. I love whales and to see people rally to them to save and protect them fills my heart with joy and gives me hope for humanity. But what I don’t understand is why such passion and concern is displayed for 13 orcas in the ice off Quebec or the three Grey whales caught in the ice a few years back in Alaska yet the fact that Japan intends to kill 935 Minke whales and 50 endangered Fin whales and retains the option to slaughter 50 endangered Humpbacks and this elicits the response by many, not all, but many, of the people who rally to the trapped whales to turn a blind eye to the slaughter by the whalers. What is it that makes people accepting of the death of whales by harpoons yet so concerned about the threat of death by ice or stranding? Why are those who thankfully volunteer to go to the whales in the ice to help the whales lauded as heroes yet those who try to block the harpoons are called extremists. I am glad there are selfless people willing to rescue whales in trouble and they are indeed heroes but are we the lesser for trying to save whales from a horrific death by these savage harpoons. Is it that we humans like to display our compassion in the face of nature but we submit to the violence of our own kind when humans murder the whales. We are presently in the Southern Ocean trying to save the lives of 1035 whales and for this we are vilified, made to look like criminals and accused of being extremists and some of these accusations come from people who have expressed concern for the fate of the Orcas in the ice off Quebec. Thankfully it looks like the Orcas have been freed but in ten days the whaling fleet arrives with their harpoons to inflict an agonizing and brutally prolonged death to hundreds of whales. We are here to stop them and we will, but it is sad to think that our support base would be so much stronger if we were down here to rescue whales from being trapped in the ice and not from the harpoons of the Japanese whaling fleet.

(Original post on Facebook, courtesy of Capt. Paul Watson)

Crop circles. Made by aliens?

Crop circles. Who has not heard of them, and seen pictures of impressive, beautiful and incomprehensible patterns that seem to have been stamped into fields all over the world?

The first crop circles appeared in the 1970s. These were small and simple. As time progressed, the images became more complex and elaborate, as the example above. Popular assumption is that these forms are made by aliens who want to inform us of their presence this way.

The aliens are coming


Do you really believe that aliens will cross vast amounts of space for who knows how many months or even years, just to baffle us by stamping patterns in fields? Would they do only that, to let us know that they are out there, that we should know they are out there, and that there is no way we can detect them?


Another idea could of course be that they arrived looking for intelligent life and found only us, and to pass the time they want to entertain themselves by making us dream up all kinds of wild ideas about aliens.

The interesting bit when you regard a crop circle pattern is that it always consists of straight lines and circles. Both are quite easily made by long ropes and central pins. Bring together a number of people, roll out the ropes and stomp the grass or grain flat. You’d be amazed how much you can do with a good group that is all geared up and motivated. There you have your aliens.


A different thing are for instance the enormous drawing on the Nazca plains in Peru. That is not something you do with a few ropes, these drawings are just too large for that. These drawings are miles long and only recognisable when you go up in the air. In fact, these patterns were only discovered when mankind started to fly, in the early 1920s.

Interesting things to think about…