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A while ago I was looking at configuration stuff for Citrix because somehow the ICA client in the browser stopped passing through my login credentials to the Citrix server. (I didn't find them by the way.)

During the search did I stumble upon this funny bit which I thought was worth sharing.

I've got a production app that runs under Citrix.

Due to various problems, a two-hour batch job that the app runs has tb initiated manually in the wee hours of the morning instead of being run by a simple .CMD file that starts the Access app in a "Overnight Batch" mode.

Problem is that the Citrix admins enforce a 40-or-so-minute timeout on inactive sessions - and the session performing the batch job in question looks inactive to Citrix.

So if I VPN/RemoteDesktop in, open up the Citrix-deployed app, kick off the process and then just go back to sleep; the Citrix timeout kicks in, the whole session gets flushed, and the batch job never finishes what it has to do.

Consequently I have to wake up and hit "Enter" every 30 minutes or so.

I was thinking that maybe I could write a little MS Access app tb run on the same PC than I'm VPN/RemoteDesktopping into that would just keep looping and send a MouseOver or a KeyDown or something to the Citrix window in time to avoid the inactivity timeout and I could go back to getting a decent night's sleep.

I know from SendKeys(), but don't have a clue on how to find that Citrix sesh's window and push the keystroke or whatever into it.

Can anybody offer up a clue?

A kind person offered a wonderful, technologically approved solution:

There was a hilarious posting on this topic. Β  The manager brought in a electrically operated baby's rocking chair and put the optical mouse in it. Β And they let it run 24x7.



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