The power of freedom

Freedom. What is it? For me, in a large part, it is the freedom from people. You read it right, from people, not of people. People have to do that themselves (where possible of course).

How can you be free from people? By not letting them influence you when you don't want to. Do not let them own you by accepting their emotional power they claim over you.

So what's emotional power? That is the way people often get to each other. "If you don't <fill in something> then I will (not/never) <fill in something else>". Or in more subtle way: you stay away from a nice place because someone you don't like is going there. That is emotional power too. If you don't go to the nice place, you miss out on that. You hand that power to the one you don't like.

Step over that. Ignore that person. Take the power this person has over you (and perhaps doesn't even know) and toss it away. Be you. Be free from people.


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