First good thing:


Since long I participate on and yesterday I had accumulated enough butterflies (points) to do some good things. And a few minutes after that, this appeared!


Next good: Nanowrimo is coming. Only a few more days and the madness takes off again. Since a few weeks it feels as if there is a brake on my writing other stories. In a way as if I am holding back the writing power for when the Nano-storm hits. And I have heard this from other people. Interesting, as I don't recall that happening in previous years.


More good: Dad is doing pretty much well. He sometimes is confused, and yes he is deteriorating, but not very fast. This afternoon I am going out with 3 friends to a wine tasting and then dinner, tomorrow I'm going to see Dad again.


Good stuff: winter is coming.


Okay, that means cold and frost and window scraping again, but I might as well consider it a good thing. Being grumpy gets me wrinkles and I don't like those. I also like the changing of the seasons


Samhain is around the corner. Something tells me this will be a difficult one. It's been running around my brain for weeks already, and that's odd as I am not a fanatic pagan fest-performing ritual-junkie. We'll see how things turn out.


Abney Park is coming to the Netherlands next year February and I have a ticket! :D


I was out last Monday afternoon, having an 'accidental' afternoon off, and the picturesque results are available on my SmugMug. It was the warmest 22nd of October ever recorded here, so I was very lucky.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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