This is how we make money

I noticed before how companies are making more money without you knowing it. I have here a few pictures of a way:


See here. 2 bottles of shampoo. The same brand, the same thing, the same price, just a nicer shape bottle on the right.


Here we are, there is the same description on the bottles, so it's really the same thing. So how do they make more money off this? They made the bottle prettier!


Here's the way. The old bottle contained 50 ml more. Okay, 50 ml isn't much, right, but for a 300 ml bottle that comes down to almost 17%.

This happens on stuff in boxes too. Keep your eye on boxes of cereal. They will always cost the same, the boxes will be the same size too, just the amount inside them will get less and less.

Want another trick on how a tooth paste company increased their profit by 10%? They made the opening of the tube 10% wider. People are used to putting a certain length of the paste on the brush, so they used 10% more without noticing.


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