Unwoman? Strange name, you may say. Unwoman is a San Francisco based Steampunk artist. She's unique in my opinion. The way she uses a cello (well, several cellos) Β in her music is very special, very different to e.g. Rasputina.

I have all her work, including her latest achievement, "Lemniscate, uncovered 2", which is an amazing collection of covers of more or less known music. (This of course depends on what you know.)


I had the pleasure of meeting her once in London, where she was on her first ever tour outside the United States. With each album she produces I appreciate her music more. She's still growing as an artist and performer, and helping her achieve her goals (through several kickstarter projects) is really something worthwhile.

Here is a youtube video of one of her amazing songs, The City:


If you want to learn more about her, do visit her website at www.unwoman.com.


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