Walmart. A killer company.

So let me get this straight. Walmart is a place where you buy food, clothes, toys and tools, and so forth. Online I found this picture, taken in a Walmart branch (according to the accompanying text at least). I believe it is real as a close friend of mine told me her husband saw these things at a Walmart too:

walmart rifles

According to the information in the post these are, amongst others, a "Sig m400, sig 522". Not that this means anything to me, but these things look nasty.

As these things are not food or clothes, they must be tools or toys, right? Or rather, this falls under "and so forth".

Why a person would want such a thing in their house or possession is beyond me, but that's probably just me.

Why a company that promotes "live better" (it is on their logo, look up there, people) tries to make that more real by selling stuff that makes one die faster is even further beyond me. For the zombie apocalypse? For squatting mosquitoes?


Or are they afraid for Rambi, the deer that shoots back?


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