Who wants to live forever?

Do you want to live forever?

Something tells me that many people will answer yes to this question. To live forever, to see how the world unfolds, perhaps travel to the moon and Mars someday. Yup, sounds great.

And how about work?

Did you think about that? Suppose you can indeed live forever and be the person you were in the prime of your life. Be it 25, 30, 35, take your pick. You’d not only live forever, you’d also be working forever. Pay taxes forever. Perhaps even pay for a pension plan you’ll never get to enjoy.

That might outweigh the idea of working (forever) on the moon, or Mars, or wherever, but I don’t think that’s all too appealing.

And how about the ones you love?

They might not want to live forever. You will see them grow old, demented, sick, and die. All the time you’re alive and moving through the centuries, people will come into your life and leave you again.

There’s more to living forever than not dying.

One thought on “Who wants to live forever?”

  1. What you have taken for granted is not simply living for ever but also having eternal youth. No one who ever desires living for ever wants to continue aging at the normal rate. This is something explored by Swift in Gulliver’s travels when he visits the flying island. He can’t understand why everyone pities the ‘eternals’. Then he meets the ancient people who are deaf, blind, unable to walk or even feed themselves. A good image of hell!

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