Thanks for all the fish

Dead twitter
Today I closed my oldest twitter account. Over 12 years worth of time there, gone. And it's good.

Twitter was and is getting more radical, hate-prone and right-wing by the day. I spent less and less time there, as it was a waste of time, energy and emotional well-being.

It's a strange feeling, after all that time, but also liberating.

Reason to pull that plug now is Musk's announcement to take twitter out of the EU agreement to battle disinformation. If he does that, all hell and other crap will break loose there, and I do not want to be a part of that.

That being said, I'm still on twitter with another account. A naturist account. The naturist community on there is still very good, but I foresee that coming to an end for Europe, as twitter may disappear from there, if the disinformation banning rule comes into effect.

Good times were had, but times are changing. I'm changing with them.



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