Alt text, OCR

In the fediverse, of which Mastodon is a large part, it is very much appreciated when you add alt-text to an image. You know, the additional work you do for the vision impaired people who can't see the image, but who can form an idea based on your added (alt) text.

Thank you for adding it.

Sometimes, though, an image contains a lot of text, or the image is quite complex, and typing all that in can be a lot of work.

Here comes the internet to your help.

A lot of text.

I wanted to post this image the other day:

Image with a lot of text.
Yep, that is quite a lot of text to type in.

Resource: A free OCR interpreter. I uploaded the image as a JPG and the site very acccurately converted it to the actual text. This made it easy enough to simply post the actual text, instead of adding an image WITH the text bolted on.


Complex images.

Now take this image:

Image of a sauna
For that, the OCR interpreter won't work. But there's this resource:

I fed the image to this site and it gave me:

"a sauna with a circular pattern on the floor"

Well, that's very true. It is a sauna (my favourite one) and there is, indeed, a circular pattern on the floor.

So there you go. Adding alt text and copying text from an image solved.

I hope this helps you.



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