Friendship garden

Friendships are the flowers in the garden of my life. And in my precious, tender care they blossom and they thrive. And with each one that's planted, I watch to see it grow, And treat it oh so tender til the first new blossom shows.

But deep within my garden, back in a special part, Are kept my favorite flowers, the Roses of my Heart. These Roses are so special and are beautiful indeed; The colors are so pretty and such a sight to see

They are my prized posessions, and always on my mind. Because these kinds of Roses are very hard to find. I searched the whole world over, I checked from shore to shore, I'll tell you why they're different: these Roses have no thorns. They do not stick or hurt me, and confess to you I must: I'd give them everything I have, but most of all my trust.

And Oh!, they do so cheer me, when I am tired or sad. And if I pick upon myself they tell me I am bad. And when I'm feeling down and my life is at low tide They pick me up and dust me off and give me back my pride.

They take my best, mix in my worst, and add some self respect, But most of all some wispered prayers that I can do the rest. And now you see just why these flowers set apart These are very special flowers, These Roses of my Heart...


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