I had the idea for this post when I saw someone write about "National Child Abuse Awareness Day".

Why do people limit something like that to their own country? Just because it's convenient? Disgusting things like child abuse but also all other kinds of abuse and misery happen all over the world. That's not something that  stops at and obeys your country's borders.

I'm convinced that people who start such actions only have the best in mind. I'm also convinced that they don't intend to limit their action to their own region. But wouldn't it be neat if the wording of their intent was an image of that? I may be a bit harsh on this point but suppose that Brasil had a 'National day of healthy water'. Wouldn't that be a bit selfish of them, to reserve healthy water just for themselves? Who cares about the US of A, as long as our water's good?

Think globally, folks. Think internationally. We're in this life together. Let's do things together.


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