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Have you ever noticed how negativism has crawled into the way many people speak? The amount of not that's produced lately is astounding. No wonder that there's so much negativity around us.

What do I mean by negativism? Statements like 'not bad' when people actually mean 'good'. When someone says 'not wrong' while they could just as well say 'right'. As if there's a ban on 'good' things. "Let's not be too positive, they might arrest us for that."

I really don't understand this. You become what you surround yourself with. Surround yourself with good, light, happy, right and pretty, and your life will look a lot better than when you're a pack-rat of not bad, not dark, not miserable, not wrong and not ugly. "Well, that's not bad." That doesn't mean it's good. At best it's kind of average, but just don't go overboard thinking happy.

My response: count me out.


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