Gojira (ゴジラ)


Do you know or remember this friendly fellow? Most of you will recognise him (if you do) as Godzilla. As I was driving along today I heard the song of the same name by Blue Öyster Cult.

In this song a Japanese-speaking man clearly mentions “Gojira”. Incidentally the same name as they give Godzilla in all the Japanese films about this train-munching fellow. Then I suddenly had a thought. In Japanese the creature is called Gojira (Japanese has no L). Then why is it know as Godzilla? Is it because most people can’t pronounce the ‘r’? Hardly. The original film by Ishiro Honda (1954) is called Gojira (in Japanese), which is not much a surprise. Again, why is the animal now known as Godzilla? Was there someone who thought “Oh, these Japanese can’t pronounce an ‘L’ so they probably mean Godzilla, not Gojira”?? This really puzzles me. Why didn’t they just stick with the original Japanese name for a Japanese creature? They didn’t change the name of other Japanese things either, I mean a Toyota is still a Toyota.

Solar stoves in Argentine

I found this on HappyNews.nl. (Dutch site)

In the Argentinian town of La Puna, one of the sunniest places in the world, you see solar stalls more and more these days, food stalls where people cook on nothing but solar heat.

During the carnival festivities in the northern area Lap Puna solar stalls pop up, in Tilcara, Humahuaca, La Quiaca, Purmamarca and Uquía, all of them tourist spots.

The solar cooker (kiosko solar) is a cart on wheels which has a mobile solar furnace, nothing more than a strip of pleated aluminium with a diameter of 1.20 metres / 4ft. In the centre of the strip they mounted elements on which the cooking is done.

“People don’t believe that this works, and when they try it they’re surprised,” says Marta Rojas, a teacher who started a solar cooker in Tilcara. “They want to touch the strip and then they get burnt,” she laughs. On her cooker she prepares pizzas and quinopastries.

More information on solarcooking on wikipedia (in English).

Thinking war machines.

On Slashdot I found this article:

Fear of Thinking War Machines May Push U.S. To Exascale

Thinking War Machines. As if war with humans who don’t think isn’t bad enough.

“Unlike China and Europe, the U.S. has yet to adopt and fund an exascale development program, and concerns about what that means to U.S. security are growing darker and more dire. If the U.S. falls behind in HPC, the consequences will be ‘in a word, devastating,’ Selmer Bringsford, chair of the Department. of Cognitive Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, said at a U.S. House forum this week.

I’m not quoting more of this crap, if you want the entire article just follow the above link.

‘Devastating.’ Really. Without it you’re already dead, huh? Oh, wait, you’re still alive? That’s so wrong…

Why is there a part of humanity so dead set on self-extinction? Sounds like a good step up after we eliminated all animal species?

Instead of eradicating hunger and poverty (which will cost only a fraction of what’s spent on your average war), there is the “need” for meaner and fiercer war iron. Even if that’s not used at all, which then gets replaced by something even worse.

Honestly, people. I don’t grok this.

Fancy a new terminator yet?

Cost of war versus healthcare. (USA)
War versus hunger. (National Catholic Reporter)
War and Poverty. (Academia.edu)

I was on vacation

I spent 2 weeks in the UK and it was wonderful. Seeing friends in Wales, Gloucester, Bristol and Bath, visiting nice places, having brilliant walks. All those things are simple but they are so important.

Arlington Row, Bibury
Arlington Row, Bibury

The picture shows very old cottages in the little town of Bibury. They are amazing to see, and people still live here. It’s fabulous.

Meditation. 5. Choice.

Yoga in the forest

What meditation technique fits you? Are you someone who can sit still and blank your mind the way Zen practitioners do?

Are you looking for answers and therefore seeking a meditation that can get you to them, like a guided meditation or pathworking?

Do you want to ease the mess in your head and find some peace, like is done with Autogenic Training and Transcendental Meditation?

Important questions. But also consider if you want to meditate alone or in a group. If you want to do Zen with 50 others and you’re the only one in town, your practice might become expensive if you have to travel to a large group every time, provided there is one. Expensive or even impossible. That’s why it is important not only to consider what form you want to practice, but also if it’s possible to do it.



After all, meditation is a great way to detach from the outside world for a while, but we have to move within that outside world, as that is the realm in which we live our lives.