I've discovered a few wonderful search engines.

Most of the world goes to Google or Bing, but for those who don't like the tracking:


Displays good results and each search lets you help in planting trees.

Find them at


Family-friendly results, fast responses. SwissCows also has an add-on for Firefox, andΒ  other browsers. They also offer email, VPN and a phone protection system (didn't go into that).

About the 'family friendly results': Swisscows doesn't index anything that has to do with nudity. As they themselves state:

Both pornographic and sexual content are not indexed and not displayed by our search engine. We want children to be able to search the Internet safely. At home and at school.Β 

Interestingly this "safe search of the internet" does seem to include guns and other weaponry. Well, everyone has their own limits and standards.

Find them at


Startpage is an interesting search engine that (as far as I understand it) serves as a front-end to another engine. Startpage offers a nice settings page where you can indicate which servers you like to use, regional things, safe search on and off, and more. Startpage does show some ads, probably to keep their service free.

Find it at

Bing images

I wouldn't have believed it, but Bing is very good for image-searches. Even better than Google, so I've found!

I hope this benefits someone. For me, I'm glad I found out about Swisscows and Ecosia.


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