Sound. Not vision. Part 2.

Last week I got the Bluetooth antenna in.

Connecting it to the NAD amplifier was very simple, and setting up the Bluetooth connection to the tablet was simple as well, after installing the NAD Remote App.

Then it was showtime.

The audio quality is impeccable. I switched between BT and the SONOS a few times, but there is no difference for my ears. Check. 1 for each.

Switching on the tablet and connecting Samba Network Music Player to the NAD is a matter of seconds, compared to the wait for the SONOS to start, then waiting for the SONOS app to find the SONOS Port. Check. 1 for BT.

Starting music from the Samba player is immediate, and it remembers which playlist was active and even which song was done last. SONOS takes a while to get things together and starts the playlist from the start. 1 for BT.

Disabling the SONOS Port also saves some electricity (it won't be much, but still).

So far I'm glad I made the switch.


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