When using Register.com for domain registrations.

I have registered one of my domains at register.com.

Usually that's nothing special, but there is something peculiar about their system that keeps annoying me. Even though I've switched "Auto-Renew" on since forever, their mailing system keeps bombing me with mails about the domain being close to deactivation because the expiration date of the registration comes closer.

That's not needed of course, because auto-renew is on.

The past few weeks I got those mails again. Yes, I know the domain renewal is coming up. Yes, I know it will renew itself. Today I was sick of yet another one.

Note: Register.com isn't cheap with their domain registrations if you don't know some ropes. A .com registration will set you back $37.50, which is pretty steep.

Last year I requested a transfer code to move the domain name somewhere else, and a support person offered me a discount for renewal: $17.50. Now that is nice as most places charge at least $20.

Today I went about moving the domain name again. Lo and behold: there was no support person involved. Instead I got a message that I could renew the domain for a year for $10!! All I had to do was enter a promo code at check-out, and indeed, the domain is renewed for a year, for $10. Instead of $37.50.

So that is an even bigger saving than last year.


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