So... what is the most important here?

I'm really curious what you think because I already know what I think.

Let me give you a list:

  • NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).
  • Nikkei (Japan Stock Exchange).
  • NASDAQ (US Stock Exchange).
  • AEX (Amsterdam Stock Exchange).

Did you miss your favourite one? Or do you already know what's most important? Let me tell you that none of them is important. These places deal with man-made ideas that are worth millions of other man-made ideas. The whole thing is a farce that has taken over so much space in the minds of people that it's become a figment of importance while the whole thing is nothing but a waste of time. Not money, because that's the other man-made idea. Money's nothing but paper and metal that should be put to better use.

Stock markets are fickle and unhealthy. They can crash (proof is in 1920, 2008 and others) and they can kill people. Not by falling on those people, but those innocent, lost souls have tied their well-being to those stock markets so much that a crash (or a drop in the value of shares, yet another man-made silliness) drives them to suicide. For all the paper and metal in the world I don't see a reason to kill myself over that.

If you read all the way to here, do you (still) think that stock markets are important? Give me clean air, fresh water and pleasant people to share honest food with. We need a brave new world. One that has learnt from the mistakes we've made and are still making with the current one. Brave, because it will take a lot of brave people to start creating it because you can bet that there will be a lot of opposition from the people who think that stock markets are the most important thing.

Man over money. Instead of money over man, the way things are now.


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