That gun thing again


Everywhere in the United States people get shot by other people who have some score to settle. Like in December 2013, when in Colorado someone shot a group of people because he'd been in a dispute with a librarian and was disciplined. Really, that is the reason to shoot people these days.

As I read that, it occurred to me that this seems to go further and further. The Land of the Free luckily does everything to give their citizens the freedom to buy guns to eradicate other people, in response to which these other people buy guns to protect themselves against the people who want to use guns against them. This makes sense, right? An eye for an eye and all that. It's also the easiest and cleanest way to kill people. You can't expect a civilised person to get their hands dirty while committing such murders. Imagine you'd have to touch someone as you stab a knife into that person's body. That would make it personal!Β The mere idea. The more as there still is no decent system of health care in the US of A. Suppose the person you are going to kill will injure you. You'd be facing expensive doctors to get patched up in the worst case!

Also take into account the modern drive for efficiency. Emptying a clip of ammunition on a group of people saves time.

Thinking further on this, it might be a good idea when all this public mass-murdering gets adopted by the government. In that case they can send out the army and lawfully shoot everyone who is against them. That would save a lot of time and money as well.

(I shall now shake my head another time over all this, and hope that this madness will stop before it takes over the world even more.)


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