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3 Natural Cleaning Products That Will Clean Your Entire Home


These days, there are chemical substances in just about anything. And those chemicals can certainly be very harming, to our surroundings AND to our health. Natural substances for cleaning your house are certainly essential if you have animals or kids. You can also spend less too! Seems too excellent to be real?
Baking Soda
Baking soda is a superb deodorizer. That’s why they use it in our freezers and refrigerators. Also you have to know that it’s a natural abrasive and functions simply like those brand name cleaners? Excellent for sinks, bathrooms and tubs. Just spread and use with the sponge that’s all!

Hydrogen Peroxide
This cheap small gem is superb it is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and an anti-viral, which makes it exceptional for cleansing. Especially on kitchen counter tops in floors and in the bathroom (mildew, sinks, toilets). It presently is offered in a perfect bottle. Just purchase an inexpensive spray top that works. While you spray it on, remember to let it sit for a short time to be able for it to remove the microbes. If you are using the THIRTY-FIVE per cent grade hydrogen peroxide, in that case it’s preferred to decrease it, or just use the 3% you can get it in your regional shops.

Plain white vinegar is an excellent disinfectant. You can use a half and mix it with water, put it inside a spray bottle and start using it in many different places, also it’s particularly good on desks and for use on soap scum. Be sure you use it diluted, as vinegar is acidic and may be too hard on some types of surface. If you’re not so hot on the aroma of vinegar, you can put a squeeze of lemon juice or utilise lemon oil. An extra benefit of white vinegar is as a vegetable clean. Put half a cup in a sink full of water and throw in all those fresh vegetables.

to get rid of germs on your home sponges, make sure they are damp and set them in the microwave for TEN to FIFTEEN seconds. It destroys all microorganisms that can be hiding. Just be smart taking out them, they’ll be very hot

All of these items can easy get, quick to use and very cheap. Choosing all healthy cleaners is the painless option for our family member’s health and our surroundings.
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Did you see that?


Television. Don’t we all know it? Of course. We grew up with it (at least the people of my generation and later, which makes for a lot of people). Still it’s hard for many folks to understand that I don’t watch television. I tell them, they nod, and they don’t get it. I don’t watch television. I do watch some episodes of a few series that I find online, I watch DVDs and Blurays, but not television. I disconnected the television receiver long time ago and I put away in a plastic bag so it won’t get dusty, but why would I have such a thing connected and in the room and using up a few watts of electricity when I don’t use it?

I haven’t watched television in over 8 years, and my time in front of the tube was quite limited before that. And no, I’m not bored. I have lots of things to do, like read, listen to music, make music, and write books.

But how do you get your news, that important life line of information where they tell you every hour on the hour how many people died, where the wars are, how many people got fired, how sad the economy’s doing and how Wall Street and the Han Seng Index are doing? For that I have some RSS feeds. I’ll read that when I feel like it.

And how do you hear about new products and how great they are and where you can buy them, because did you see that latest Coca Cola ad that was so great, or the ad on TV for the new Mercedes/Audi/Volkswagen? Uhm, actually I don’t. I don’t drink soft drinks anyway, and I don’t like Mercedes. I don’t see all those wonderful things that you must have in order to be happy, and so I am happy without them.

But all the great series on TV? And all the great films/movies? And all the sports? Yes, I don’t know them. I’ll read about that online. When and if I want to. Sport? Something I rather do than watch. Series? Most of what I watch (we’re talking about 3 series at the moment) isn’t broadcast here or happens at a time I don’t want to watch. I refuse to be told by a broadcasting company that I have to sit on the couch at 9pm because then they will show what I want to see. I’ll buy the DVD. Or for Game of Thrones the Blurays. I’m also going to bed before their broadcast is over.

Did you see that? No. I didn’t. Because I don’t watch television.

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A quote from Mark Twain

Grimalkin asleep
A home without a cat, and a well-fed, well-petted and properly revered cat, may be a perfect home, perhaps, but how can it prove its title?’
– Mark Twain

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The incredible Bruce Lee

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Mammoths according to the bible

I’ve had this think again.  I wondered how old the earth is, according to the christian bible. On “god and science” I found this:

Archbishop Ussher took the genealogies of Genesis, assuming they were complete, and calculated all the years to arrive at a date for the creation of the earth on Sunday, October 23, 4004 B.C.

Okay, so bible-addicts should agree that the world is a bit over 6000 years old, as a result of 4004+2014. That makes 4017 years. No, not 4018 as it’s not past October 23rd yet this year. Please pay attention!  ;-)

This means that they’ll never believe something that I found in the New York Times:

scientists digging in the republic of Georgia have found 1.7-million-year-old fossil human skulls

The skull is at best 6000 years old as by then the Christian god wrapped up his 6-day working week and declared the world done. Either that or Georgia was an exception to the rule and was created earlier. Perhaps a pilot project? Well, probably not, an infallible god doesn’t need that.

So when we can safely assume that, mammoths can’t be as old as scientists declare either. Last year the British Daily Mail reported about a 39,000 year old woolly mammoth going on display. Rubbish of course, since the world was created only 6000 years ago! Therefore we can only agree with the creationists who fully believe that carbon dating is bullshit. These carbon-daters find stuff that’s much older than the world, so they’re all liars and frauds, so go grab your creationist science book and feel like you’ve learnt something good today.

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I have no clue about Linux so I have to stick with Windows.



Tux. The Linux mascotte.


I saw this a while ago:

“I have no clue about Linux so I have to stick with Windows.”

No, you don’t. Why not? The short version: get a clue about Linux. Of course, this is very short. Allow me to dispel a few myths about Linux.

Linux is difficult. You have to be a tech geek who can type in all those things like “ls -1 | grep *#@) | awk -F\ ‘{print $5}’ > /dev/null” and understand what it means.

Yes, absolutely true some 15 years ago. Back then you needed something like that. Today however you pop a CD or DVD in your computer (or a bootable USB stick), boot from it and you’re presented with something like:

(You can click the image for a larger version.) For ease of use I keep referring to Ubuntu as that is what I use, but the same thing happens for Fedora, Mint and a lot of other versions of Linux.

Yes, you can actually “Try” the system. Click Try Ubuntu (yes, really, just click, not type in some complicated command!) and a complete Linux system will load. And the best part: it won’t affect anything on your computer. Of course it will be slower than from a hard disk – it runs from CD/DVD.

After booting the disc, you can see something like this:

Can?” Yes. Linux offers you several interfaces, you can use whichever you like best. Up here is the new GNOME interface showing some of the applications that are installed. Have we typed in anything like ”ls -1 | grep *#@) | awk -F\ ‘{print $5}’ > /dev/null” yet?

But nothing runs in Linux! I need my almost-official version of MS Office 2012 that someone else bought, and Firefox, and MS-outlook!

There is a HOST of software available for Linux. If you like Firefox, you can run Firefox in Linux. Or Google Chrome, or a few others. If you insist on Internet explorer… tough. That won’t run in Linux. But then, we already determined that nothing runs in Linux.

For MS Office, you can go to LibreOffice (also runs in Windows and on Mac OS). It’s free and works pretty well with MS Office documents. The same goes for OpenOffice. Or the AbiWord word processor and the Gnumeric spreadsheet.

To compete with Outlook we have Evolution, Kmail, Balsa, Aethera, Claws Mail or Sylpheed. And a bunch of others, but I won’t bore you with endless lists of software. Especially Evolution will feel a lot like your home on the Outlook range. On LINUXRSP you can find an extensive list of software with Linux equivalents for Microsoft products.

There are no games for Linux. Well, not everything for windows exists in Linux, indeed. But there is and the Linux Game DataBase, to start with.

But my anti virus software won’t run in Linux. True. I have to disappoint you there. The sad fact remains that for every 10,000 virusses in Windows there probably is 1 for Linux. I admit that Linux still has a long way to go here.

Here is another screenshot from a Linux machine. Still no ls, grep, awk or other gobbledigook in sight. Sorry.

If you want to know more about the core of Linux, have a look at Otherwise you can just grab one of the many free CD- or DVD-images, boot from it and play around with it a little without (or before) installing it.

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And so it happened.

I got a new laptop last year September. It contained windows 8. Not the easiest thing to get around in when you’re used to Linux and already managed moderate success with windows 7. Slightly annoying.

Then came windows 8.1. Same thing as above, only more annoying as I still had to look up via Google how to do certain things. Windows 8.1 is probably fabulous, but not very intuitive for me.

Well, I can always install a Linux virtual machine on it, so that is then easier. After installing Ubuntu 13.10 I noticed that it works. Almost reasonably. The network connect was quite unstable, and the VM wasn’t fast (uhm, on a 12GB RAM, quadcore 2.6 GHZ processor, running on an SSD). Annoying.

I set up Linux as dual boot with windows 8.1. The set up worked, getting to it didn’t. Something in Windows 8x prevented me from seeing a boot menu; even with EasyBCD there was no fun to be had. Annoying. Removed the Linux partition and set that to NTFS again. Still not happy with the wobblies of Windows 8 and lacking something decent in the Linux sphere. Alas, I need that windows thing to update my GPS and the programmable remote.

I tried to load an existing VM on VirtualBox on Windows 8. The VM contains Win XP. That somehow broke VirtualBox, it didn’t load well any more, I couldn’t run the Ubuntu VM either. Even a reinstall did not do the trick.

Went out on a limb and located iATKml. A nice MacOS image ready to install in VirtualBox. Works fine on my main Linux box. Downloaded and installed the software for the remote and the GPS. Works. Oh, wow. And I don’t need to look up via Google how to do things with it. I see why people like Mac OS.

I wiped windows 8.1 from the laptop, everything, the whole bit. Installed Gnome Ubuntu 13.10 on it, it runs super fast. Boots in 15 seconds. (Real boot, everything loaded and ready to log in, not like Windows 8x that shows you a login screen after 15 seconds and then continues to load everything which is obvious after logging in.)
I created a new virtual MacOS machine on the laptop through iATKml (ml stands for Mountain Lion, the latest). Works.
Hah, wait, let’s break Virtual Box and feed it the WinXP VM (which runs fine on the Linux machine). Works. Fast.

It took a fair number of months but now I have a laptop that is fast, that I can use with VMs and find my way in.

I’m convinced many people love Windows 8. Good for them.

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Wearable tech

I love gadgets. I have lots of them and they love me: I don’t have to buy them, they follow me home.

But… I don’t like the mass of wearable things that are popping up now, especially the ones that can track every little thing you do. Your smartphone is already a walking, talking unit that betrays every move you make. (Cell phone towers that know where you are simply because your phone is on, stores that watch if you walk by or come in (and if you do where you spend most time) through the bluetooth and/or wifi signal on your phone, fun bits like that.)

Aren’t we tracked enough yet, by phone carrier masts, closed circuit cameras, the NSA and their equivalent in whatever country? Why make it even easier for them? Why not then have someone shoot a chip into your body to give them ultimate comfort in tracking you, down to the level of alcohol in your blood when you get in your car?

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What is life?

Maybe a silly question. An online search says:

life - lʌɪf/
1. the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.

2. the existence of an individual human being or animal.

I wonder about the second one. Oh, not in a physiological sense, but in a humane sense. It’s the second one, the one that doctors have to abide by through their Hippocratic Oath. (Link to PDF.) They basically promise to sustain the human machine (body) and do what they can to keep it going for as long as possible. But… Is that what we want?

I’m convinced that many of us have seen people in hospitals, connected to machines that keep their vital functions going as long as the heart keeps pumping. “Sustaining life.” It is not at all the first definition of life as listed in the beginning of this post. No ‘functional activity‘, no ‘capacity for growth‘.

Of course, this has been addressed in many places, through the years and centuries. I think there has to be a more humane approach to this, a manner in which people can choose to end living when they feel it’s their time.

The world should reconsider these values of life. It won’t be easy due to ethical arguments, but the way ‘life’ is treated now is very often inhuman. Inhumane.

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Well said.

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